Office Mentors

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Are you looking for someone to make sense of all the priorities?

Do you feel that you work all the time?

Do you have a jumble of thoughts and ideas?

Is it time to work with an experienced mentor?

We asked business owners what they need most but aren’t getting, and this is what they said…





Do you feel you work too hard? If you overlook taking time for yourself on a regular basis, listen to this short recording. Taking 4-24 hours is something you can manage, and it will refresh and recharge your batteries.

Are you ready to see beyond your own vision? Brainstorm with an experienced source. We have helped thousands of business owners save time and money to grow their business and make time to play! Elizabeth Verwey leads a virtual team to support all your business needs. Give us a call when you’re ready to see beyond your own vision at 416-729-1713.


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