Frequently Asked Questions

Please browse our FAQ and contact us for more info.
Where are you based?

We’re based in Toronto, and have helped clients across the country. Contact Elizabeth directly to discuss your needs. She also loves to travel, so don’t be surprised if she’s willing to come your way.

How much do you charge for your mentoring?

The Weekly Mentoring Program is an effective and economical choice. Are you ready to develop more productive habits? We meet online or on the phone weekly for up to thirty minutes per session, and it’s only $400. per month.

The Ad hoc one to one mentoring is $400. for a two hour personalized session (+ taxes, and travel, if outside GTA). These sessions are booked on an as needed basis, and are typically in person, but can be on Zoom.

Call 416-729-1713 or e-mail to discuss your needs when you’re ready to see beyond your own vision.

NOTE: All prices are in Canadian Dollars

What do your workshops cost?

We can develop a workshop within your budget. Please contact Elizabeth to discuss your needs.

Typically, a single workshop for up to 20 people is $800.
You can book three workshops for $2,100. ($700. per workshop)

NOTE: All prices are in Canadian Dollars
How can I start a Mentors Circle?

Once you have the book, you have all the information you need for $29.99. And, if you are a consultant or coach, it will net you business. If you are going to lead a group, you may want compensation for your time and charge members accordingly. There are many longstanding Mentors Circle groups established using this model, and other groups incorporate a few templates and exercises to enhance their experience.

If the group is a cooperative, there may be costs for a room that could be shared. However, you can also meet in each other’s homes or offices with the monthly host supplying the snacks making it a powerful, no cost group experience.

NOTE: All prices are in Canadian Dollars
How do I decide between the Ongoing vs Ad hock mentoring service?

If you want to learn new information, brainstorm and develop new habits, then the ongoing mentoring program is the right fit. It gives you time to try out new things and adjust what’s not working well.

If you want to brainstorm once in a while around a specific challenge with an experienced mentor, then the Ad hoc service is the better solution.

What is your cancellation policy?

Appointments can be postponed or cancelled if you speak with us 24 hours in advance.

Refund Policy

Your success is our top priority. Contact Elizabeth directly with any request for a refund. These will be addressed on a one to one basis.

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