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Ad Hoc Mentoring Program

This customized service is ready when you need it. You meet with your Mentor for two-hours to brainstorm and problem solve around your specific business challenges. You will gain clarity around the small steps needed to create the future you desire.

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This customized service is ready when you need it. You meet with your Mentor for two hours to brainstorm and problem solve around your specific challenges. You gain clarity around the steps needed to create the future you desire.

This service is best for experienced business owners who want to meet with someone on an ad hoc basis to gather the information and guidance they require from an experienced mentor.


Customized Mentoring Programs

Created for organizations, our Customized Mentoring Programs strengthen collaborative practices and maximize organizational capacity. We can develop a program to meet your needs and test and measure the results.

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Customize Mentoring Programs will:

  • Develop leadership programs for managers
  • Empower experienced managers to share their expertise
  • Structure programs to strengthen participants’ networks

We have developed many customized mentoring programs. These have been powerful programs to support workers and management in unionized and non-unionized environments. Call Elizabeth Verwey at 416-729-1713 to discuss your mentoring needs.

Ongoing Mentoring Program

Build your business quickly by brainstorming with an experienced entrepreneur. You will establish new habits and put better systems in place. The Ongoing Mentoring Program works with you to establish realistic goals, develop skills, and get more done, so you can GROW your business! Your Mentor will hold you accountable to keep you balanced and your company on track.

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If you’re like most business owners, you experience frequent challenges. Imagine having a seasoned entrepreneur with whom to brainstorm or to help gather critical information to identify the best solutions. With so many other priorities, it’s invaluable to identify the right person to turn to for guidance.

Growing a business requires an ongoing commitment but you can lose yourself or your family and friends in the process. Cut your learning curve and enjoy stronger results in less time with The Weekly Mentoring Program.

The Weekly Mentoring Program helps you to establish realistic goals, develop new habits and skills, and get more done, all while you GROW your business! After each meeting, you will receive an email identifying the agreed upon action steps for the week. These steps will be spelled out, and broken down into bite-sized chunks of work clarifying how you will accomplish these goals. Your Mentor will hold you accountable to keep you balanced and your business on track.

Give us a call when you’re ready to see beyond your own vision.

Please note: Initially you work with your Mentor for 3 months. This protects your investment by ensuring that there is enough time to develop new habits and see fundamental progress. After the initial three months, the agreement runs month to month.

Home Optimization Package

We will review your time and space management, delegation style, virtual tools and more. We will support you on a two hour virtual session to improve your efficiency. And, follow up with you to ensure that you stay on track. Looking forward to meeting you, soon. Contact 416-729-1713 or elizabeth@officementors.com

Lifestyle Mentoring

Elizabeth has been helping clients get a better balance between work and their personal lives for over 20 years. Now, she is helping people create the life they want. Are you ready to talk it through with someone who can help you discover new paths? Dreams do come true! Her Life Mentoring program supports people to take the steps they want to take to get where they want to go. She has resources to share and fresh ideas to get out of your own way. We have a one way ticket in this life. Let’s map out a journey that will move you towards your best life!

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Two – sixty minute conversations per month, and we will wrap up with specific goals for you to explore. We check in between our calls and develop a support network for you to rely upon.

All this for $400 per month. The three month term will get you started on your journey! Call Elizabeth at 416-729-1713 to set up a discovery call to find out if this is a good fit for you to discover and explore your own dreams.

“The Non-Profit Mentors Circle has embedded capacity in the agencies that have participated in the Train the Trainer peer mentoring program developed by Elizabeth. Senior managers are active in the learning process and take these tools and experience back to make a powerful impact in their organizations.”

Amanuel Melles, Former Director, Programs & Capacity Building, United Way Toronto

“Elizabeth Verwey worked as a partner with us at OCASI as we perfected our peer mentoring project. She considered our future requirements as we developed this program and contributed the expertise and infrastructure we required to make it successful.”

Juanita Smith, Coordinator, Organizational Standards Initiative (OSI), Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI)

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We offer a number of workbooks, e-Books, audio books and more, all with solid business advice and concepts that will support people make lasting positive changes in their work-life balance.

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