The following list of workshops are useful for entrepreneurs. Please contact Elizabeth to discuss your needs as she has experience to share in most aspects of entrepreneurship

1. My Business Ate My Life: A Recovery Plan

Are you looking for fresh approaches to work-life harmony? This workshop is inspiring, yet practical. Lets add more life to your years! Nurture nights help you get more done and have more fun!

2. The Mentors Circle

This workshop supports participants to start peer mentoring groups. Mentors help you reach your goals faster, help you stay focused, provide new opportunities, and are great sounding boards. Don’t do it alone! Learn how to work with mentors and get what you want faster.

3. Space and Self Management

The key to peace of mind, good time management and ultimately to business and professional success is to be clear headed and organized. These office strategies will help you become efficient, save you time and money, and lead to business growth.

4. Letting Go of FEARS

What’s possible on the other side of your fears? Learn to expand your own vision. Understand why you hang onto your fears and how you might release them to live a new and improved life. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

5. Operations Manual: Your Key to Steady Growth

This workshop helps you re-evaluate your goals, tap into your potential, set new targets and map out a great year, one step at a time.

6. Understanding money

Crucial for anyone who spends, this workshop clarifies your attitudes and emotions around money. This experience is a MUST if you want to adapt to the financial challenges of an uncertain economy.

7. Grow Your Network To Get Work

Who knows you? What do they know about you? Learn how to grow your network (even during lockdown) and create raving fans...

“Elizabeth has always brought a collaborative and interactive approach to her sessions, which encourages maximum participation while imparting practical skills and solid information to clients”

Kenn Ross, Manager Aboriginal Business Resources Centre Miziwe Biik

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